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Ultimate PX/REM Sass mixin

Finally having time to write a blog entry after more than a year's absence, I present my own indented syntax "Ultimate PX/REM Sass mixin"!

What is an ADSR Envelope?

"Envelopes" in general are an important concept in synthesised music, because they are used to shape sounds in many ways, but the one most often encountered is the ADSR envelope. Let's have a look at what this is.

Installing JSHint for Sublime Text 2

If you're a Sublime Text user you might like to use Package Control to install JSHint, which will check your JavaScript syntax with a single key command. Let's have a look at how to do this.

WordPress Template Hierarchy Diagram

If using WordPress, do you sometimes find it hard to remember the template flow and all of the PHP conditionals and classes applied by default?! Be sure to bookmark the complete visual flow diagram which helps maintain an overview of all this.

Stop Mac from sleeping when lid is closed

Do you ever want your MacBook to keep running even when the lid is closed? There isn't an option for this in the built in System Preferences, but with a third party app it's simply achieved.

CSS not working

CSSIf you're working on CSS and suddenly things don't seem to be aligning properly, though you don't think you've changed anything in the code to cause this, maybe - just maybe - I have the solution!

jQuery silent failure

Have you attempted to apply an event handler in jQuery but it just isn't firing? In this short post I show one possible cause…

Understanding Logic Pro installation folders

It can sometimes be a little bit confusing how Logic Pro organises its folders and how we should work with them. In this article I clarify what each folder is for and how they all fit together.

Getting 404s in WordPress?

If you are, it could be because you've activated or deactivated a plugin and you need to refresh your permalink structure. Keep whatever common settings you have, save changes and hopefully the 404s will be gone.

Include variables in a PHP string

Did you know you can easily include variable values in a PHP echo string? It works as long as you're using double quotes to surround the string. In this article I give some examples of the technique in use and explain its benefits.